Collection: Japanese Swords (Battle Ready)

This is a brand new full tang hand crafted samurai katana 40 inches handmade sharp Japanese samurai Katana sword. 28-inch, high carbon razor-sharp blade. This katana sword comes with a hand sharpened razor sharp blade and is well-balanced. The blade of the sword is hand-crafted and made with high-carbon steel. This sword is full tang. This sword can be used for practice use and features a visible kissake on the tip of the blade. This sword comes with a cotton-made black sword bag. The blade of the sword is hand-crafted and constructed of carbon steel with a hamon (Habuchi, The transition zone from soft to hard steel) along the edge of the blade. The scabbard of the sword is wooden with a high gloss black lacquer finish. The guard of the sword begins with a bronze blade collar. The sword is full tang and secured by two wooden pins in the handle of the sword