Since 2006, here at SparringGearSet.com, we offer the lowest prices on all of your martial arts needs!  From low-cost full sparring gear sets to large name brands like Adidas,Mooto,  Pine tree Sang Moo Sa, and Rising Star, we offer a variety of gear, uniforms, and martial arts weapons!  

Although, we are 100% Operational on-line order and ready to ship your order, we have expand our off line operation in the heart of Uptown Whittier.

Why we are opening up a retail store in Whittier, CA?

We understand you may be uncomfortable giving away credit card information online. No problem -  pick another payment option!

Your Favorite Way to Pay

A recent BizRate survey revealed 62% of shoppers prefer buying in brick/mortar stores, and 60-70% prefer Amazon and Paypal. We want you to pay your way, whether you like to visit us at our brick & mortar store, use Amazon Payments, or transfer on Paypal.

We're Here to Stay

We've been here since 2006, and you can visit us at our physical store anytime, for any issues - we're not going to disappear behind a phone number or an email. Furthermore, we understand nobody is perfect, so we wanted to make sure to provide an easy way for you to approach us with any issues to fix.

Your Security, Our Concern

If you prefer credit card payment, we still wanted to do our part in ensuring your data is secure. We've installed PCI DSS compliant credit card processing, and SSL encryption for our online storefront - your data stays hidden, always.