Collection: Iaito Unsharpened Sword

The unsharpened iaito sword is an indispensable training tool when training in the art of Iaito. This sword is handmade with high-carbon steel. designed for heavy training use. This sword has the same weight and balance as your Battle-ready Katana without the sharp edge. The 1045 high carbon blade is polished and designed to look just like its sharpened counterparts. The blade is full tang and secured with dual bamboo pegs. This sword can be taken apart for care, display, or demonstration. The hardwood handle uses Real Ray skin and features a tight cord wrapping. All traditional parts have been used, including high-quality copper tsuba and fittings, brass collars, and seppa. This sword is ideal for training and practice use and is also suitable for plays, movies, and reenactment use where a sharpened blade would be too dangerous.