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Ace Martial Arts Supply Handmade Zetsurin Sharp Samurai Katana Sword - MUSHA (White)

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This is a brand new full tang hand crafted Musha (Legendary Mushashi Sword Maker ) Zetsurin samurai katana, exclusive on Amazon by Co-branding with Ace Martial Arts Supply This Zetsurin sword comes with hand sharpened razor sharp blade and is well balanced. The blade of the sword is hand crafted and made with high carbon steel. This sword is full tang. This is the fully mounted shira-saya featuring a Mini thrower fitted into the side of the scabbard. This sword can be used for practice use and features a visible kissake on the tip of the blade. This sword comes with a cotton-made black sword bag. Check the musha engraving on seppa (spacer) for authenticity. Don't settle with a counterfeit. Imitated by many, but exclusively available on Amazon through co-branding with Ace Martial Arts Supply. You can assure to receive original Musha/Musashi sword by checking the box and Musha engraving on the katana's seppa (spacer). Musha is reserved for entry level sword made by 1045 Carbon steel while Musashi is reserved for 1065 carbon steel.

  • Original Musashi/Musha quality katana
  • Overall length: 39.25 inches Blade length: 28.25 inches
  • Blade material: carbon steel
  • Comes with a Thrower
  • Check the Musha engraving on seppa (spacer) for authenticity with Musha box. Don't settle with a counterfeit one.