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Ace Martial Arts Supply

Ace Martial Arts Supply Classic Handmade Samurai Katana Sharp Sword-(Inscription )

Ace Martial Arts Supply Classic Handmade Samurai Katana Sharp Sword-(Inscription )

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Both beginners and avid collectors will appreciate the attention to detail on this piece! The impressive 28" full tang blade of the sword has been finely crafted by hand from high-carbon steel. A bo-hi has been added to the top of the sharpened blade to provide balance and give audible feedback when the sword is swung. The wooden handle has been given a high gloss black finish and a black cotton wrap over ray skin.

The handle is accented by the blackened steel tsuba. Two bamboo mekugi secure the tang in the tsuka. A black lacquer scabbard beautifully conceals the blade. This katana includes a sword bag and stand. Measures 41" overall.

From the High Carbon steel blade to the tight cord wrap (Ito) and copper guard (Tsuba), this sword is fully functional in every sense. The full tang blade extends to the end of the hardwood handle and comes razor sharp and thick. The wooden scabbard (Saya) includes a high gloss finish, nylon cloth, and metal Kurigata fittings. Take hold of your fantasy with this highly sought-after samurai sword!

  • 40 inches handmade sharp Japanese Empire Wheel samurai Katana sword, with inscription "今古有神奉志士 "The literal translation is that "Now and past there is a god who is the side with a person of ideals and integrity. "
  • 28 inches 1045 high carbon Razor sharp blade
  • Cotton cord wrapped handle Full-tang blade is double-pegged to the hardwood handle
  • Empire Wheel pattern Tsuba, full tang, sharp edge, and functional
  • Includes black cotton storage bag Overall length: 40 inches
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