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Ace Martial Arts Supply Classic Crane Tsuba Handmade Samurai Katana Sharp Sword-Musha (Extra Longer (4 Inch))

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Have you ever noticed your favorite Katana is a little bit short for your practice? Average heights for Medieval Japanese Samurai was less than 5 feet. The ideal sword size for their height was 40 inches. The average American height for men is 5 foot 10 inches - 15% taller than medieval Japanese Samurai. The traditional size for samurai sword may be little short for Today?s American size. There is a need for adjustment. We have extended the total length of the dancing crane sword, 10 % longer than traditional size, to meet the today?s stabdards- Tradition with Innovation. This handmade Samurai katana by Musha, is sold exclusively on Amazon, by co-branding with Ace Martial Arts Supply. It features a crane-design tsuba (hand guard) and measures at a total length of 44.5", 4 inch longer than the traditional length of 40 inches, proportionate to average height of American. The katana features a sharpened 1045 carbon steel, 31" blade with a traditional hamon. The blade is full tang, running the entire length of the sword down through the 13" wood core handle. The handle features a imitation ray skin covering and black wrap. The saya, or scabbard, is made from wood with a shiny finish. This katana is balanced perfectly, making it great for practical use or even just display. The katana also includes a cotton sword bag for keeping it protected and clean.

  • Handmade katana - 44.5" total length
  • Crane designed handguard (tsuba)
  • Sharp 1045 carbon steel blade, full tang - 31"
  • Wood scabbard and wood core handle with imitation ray skin - 13"
  • Tradition with Modern Innovation.