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Zombie Z-Hunter Biohazard Black Folding Knife

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  • $ 10.45

The benefit of a good folding nice is quite easy to see. It's small, light-weight, and in the case of this Z-Hunter Biohazard Black Folding Knife, it's quick to deploy, making it a solid choice for any zombie hunter or apocalypse survivor to carry. This handy little knife is made from stainless steel and black aluminum, giving it a hardy construction that won't soon fail. The grip is textured and contoured to fit easily into your hand, while the two-toned, black and silver blade features a spear-point design that is wildly effective at both cutting and piercing. The edge is also half-serrated, allowing for an effective saw-like motion that can be used as well. The blade is action assisted, which allows for quick and easy opening, while the black handle is set with a green bio-hazard medallion, to better echo the look and feel of an apocalyptic, zombie infested setting. The knife also features a pocket clip for easy, convenient carrying. It is small and effective, and that makes this Z-Hunter Biohazard Black Folding Knife a great choice to add to your survival kit, as well as an effective knife to tuck into your pocket for everyday use, too. Overall Length (Closed): 4.75 inches

  • An Action Assist Opening is Quick and Easy
  • Emblazoned with the Z-Hunter Name and Logo
  • Features a Spear-Point Blade with Half Serrations at the Base
  • Aluminum Grip Provides a Solid and Secure Hold
  • Grip is Colored Black and Features A Green Biohazard Medallion