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Seven Fight Gear

Seven American Boxing Glove Black

Seven American Boxing Glove Black

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Seven Fightgear takes it meaning from seven distinct fighting styles and the discipline it takes to master each one. Seven FightGear embodies Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Karate, TaeKwonDo, Judo and Boxing to create a pure approach to mixed martial arts. The Seven FightGear product line is designed with a vision to help athletes achieve their personal best, Seven FightGear uses all the latest innovative technology and performance materials for the ultimate sparring experience. Seven quoted " It takes more than heart, it takes Seven"

New and improved design with reinforced trim and interior lining. These superior quality, durability and performance gloves is highly recommended for boxing and stand up MMA training. Curved design with layers of high density foam that offer protection for the hands. With the stylish black and grey color scheme, these gloves let you work quick combinations, thanks to their fit construction. Hand protection is distributed as efficiently as possible to keep you safe and protected without sacrificing speed or weight. A mesh palm lets air circulate during longer workouts and the synthetic finish is durable as well as great at keeping moisture away.

* Curved design with layers of high density foam that offer protection for the hands
* All leather construction, neoprene independent thumb.
* The Seven Bag Glove features a latex foam core with a cool-vent palm and moisture wicking interior.
* Closed-thumb design enables you to add elements to your training that standard bag gloves will not accommodate.
* Wide adjustable hook/loop strapping, and double stitched trim.
* Modern, clean design in black.
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