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Kung Fu Uniform, Black with White Button

Kung Fu Uniform, Black with White Button

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White Button Kung Fu Uniform

  • Constructed from 100% cotton for maximum comfort.
  • Features traditional Frog Buttons across the jacket, rollback, cuffs, and collar.
  • Knot cord type buttons or frog type available in black or white.
  • Elastic waist and ankles for comfortable and easy fit.

This Kung Fu uniform is constrcuted from 100% cotton for a comfortable fit. The uniform has traditional frog buttons going across the jacket. Frog buttons are also featured on the rollback, cuffs, and the collar. Lnot cord type buttons/frog buttons are available in white or black to match or accentuate your Kung Fu uniform. Featured is an elastic waist and elastic ankles to fit comfortably to maintain a nice fit without being too tight.

Kung Fu is a term to describe this martial art as of Chinese origin. Southern styles of kung-fu were comprised of low stances, kicks, and strong hand techniques. This was so because the population that practiced southern-style kung-fu was shorter and stockier than the Northern (Mandarin) population. On the other hand, Northern style Kung-Fu is comprised of more difficult and stylish patterns with acrobatic legwork. This was so because it was presumed to be much colder in the North therefor much hand movement was restricted by the thicker robes that were worn and the terrain enforced the development of stronger legs.

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