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Vinyl Shin Guard - Black

Vinyl Shin Guard - Black

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Vinyl Shin Guard

  • Protective high density .5" thermoformed foam padding
  • Prevents injury by absorbing shock
  • A vinyl covering keeps your gear strong and durable
  • Comfortable and snug fit provided by two 1.5" wide elastic straps with hook-and-loop closures
  • Built-in sheet wicks help in keeping sweat of you skin for maximum comfort.

These vinyl shin guards help protect your legs with high density .5" foam padding. The shin guards' ability to absorb and disperse impact will give you maximum protection against shin injury. A vinyl covering will keep your guards durable enough for the most intense training and competition. Two 1.5" wide elastic straps featuring hook-and-loop closures will give your shin guards a snug and secure fit to help prevent slippage and injury. These guards also feature built-in sheet wicks that will help prevent sweat build up on your skin.

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