Silk Screening

Silk Screening

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 Please allow 1 Week for Cusomization

  • Custom Embroidery with your choice of thread color.
  • Default lanquage English/Korean (Ask about our other options.)
  • Colors Available: Gold, White, Red, or Blue. (Ask about out other options.)
  • Belt made from durable material. Don't worry about easy wear and tear.

Item Description

Our Custom Embroidery Black Belt let's you choose what you want your black belt to say about your success. Get your black belt embroidered with your choice of gold, white, red, or black thread. Show of your school's name and your name in English or Korean or BOTH! Our black belts don't wear and tear easily so you can count on showing off your belt and your achievements for years to come. Embroidering your black belt makes a great keepsake and memory!

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