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Ryumon Tanto Red Folded Damascus Carbon Steel Blade

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Coming in a deluxe Ryumon wooden gift box, it features the Ryumon logo etched into it, this Tanto knife makes a great gift for collectors! The blade has been forged by hand from 10-folded and 1024 layers of 1065 high carbon steel. It features a blood groove, with a tempered blade that has the popular damascus etch look and hand sharpened under a traditional Japanese hand-sharpening process. The tsuka(handle) wrap is black japanese purpose silk and ray skin. The tsuba has high ammount of detail in the scale appearance of it. The saya (scabbard) has a red lacquered finish with a black purpose silk sageo. 17 inches overall with a 5.25 inch handle and a 10 inch blade.

  • 17 Inches Overall 5.25 Inch Handle 10 Inch Blade
  • Folded 10-Fold 1024 Layers, 1065 High Carbon Steel
  • Tempered Blade, Damascus Etch and Hand Sharpened
  • Tsuka Wrap is Japanese Purpose Silk and Ray Skin
  • Includes Deluxe Ryumon wooden Gift Box