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Roman Gladiator Maximus Helmet w/ Spikes Armor Costume With Stand

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  • $ 70.54

This replica Roman Gladiator arena battle helmet is similar to the one worn by Russel Crowe in his role as General Maximus in the film Gladiator. It is full sized and can be worn by most people, unless you have a gigantic head. Made of 18 guage cold rolled steel, It does come with padded leather liner. This helmet woudl look great displayed in your home, in your office or study. It also comes with a wooden display stand, like or close to the stand in the picture. (We will ship which ever version of the stand is in stock at time of order placement, they may very slighty from the picture). Beware of cheaper versions of the Maximus helmet out there that are much smaller with no lining and they are not accurate versions. Product Features: Free display stand Padded leather lining so you can wear it!

  • You Can Wear This Helmet!
  • Full Size
  • FREE Wooden Display Stand