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Portable Hunting 130lbs Foldable Crossbow

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Convenient and powerful! The full plastic body is reinforced for sturdy, powerful, and consistent, launching against targets. The lighter weight and smaller size make this a portable crossbow unit for all environments, whether it be major hunting expeditions, or traveling light. For convenience, they have made this crossbow with foldable limbs so its much easier to carry and assemble. It pushes arrows at a speed of 165 feet per second, accurately piercing targets. To reload it, use the foot stirrup and mount the arrow. The safety switch will provide a second layer of security for peace of mind. Stealth and silent hunting are best achieved with loadable power in this crossbow. For an accurate shot, attach a rear sight to the slide and adjust the forward sight for the best shot.

  • Overall Length: 31 Inches, Width: 29 Inches
  • Draw Weight: 130 lbs, Feet/Second: 165
  • Power Stroke: 10 Inches, Arrow Type: 14 Inch Bolt, Aluminum
  • Includes: Foot Stirrup, Sight Slide, Arrow Starter Set
  • Foldable Limb