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Pine Tree Cloth Fist Forearm Guard

Pine Tree Cloth Fist Forearm Guard

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Pine Tree Sangmoosa Cloth Forearm & Hand Pad

  • Covers both fist and forearm
  • Features an open palm design allowing for grappling techniques
  • Padded knuckles provide extra protection while punching
  • 1/2" Thick padding
  • Tightly woven material composed of a polyester/rubber/nylon/rayon blend
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Non-slip with contour fit
  • Maintains shape even after washing
  • Sold in pairs

The cloth fist and forearm guard will enable you to block with your forearm and protect your fists while punching during your sparring matches. Featuring 1/2" padding, this cloth guard conforms nicely to your arm and hand, giving you the most comfortable fit. The elastic cloth material makes adjustments easy and the guard washer machine friendly

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