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New 19" WWI German Imperial Navy Dagger W/ Scabbard Replica

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  • $ 19.95

Up for sale is a brand new replica of the WWI era German Imperial Navy Dagger. This type of dagger was used in between 1890 – 1918 during the Imperial Germany era. This dagger features a stiletto style blade that is constructed by high quality stainless steel. The pommel of the dagger is of a Crown shape, anchor and ors etched within the vines. The guard of the dagger features a large square center block and round shape lock buttons in the end. The handle is constructed with faux ivory with 8 horizontal simulated wire cords running around the grip. The scabbard of the dagger is constructed with steel and two suspension rings are used to hang the dagger. This dagger is measured at 19” overall long, and the blade is measured at 15”. It is designed with highly details to the original Imperial German Navy dagger. Authentic Imperial Germany Navy daggers often run for thousands of dollars in auctions. It is your perfect opportunity today to own piece of history at an affordable price.

  • 19" WWI German Imperial Navy Dagger W/ Scabbard Replica
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Ornate Steel Scabbard
  • Reproduced based on real WWI German Imperial Navy Dagger
  • Brand New