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Multi-purpose "Ranger Cord" - The Ultimate Surival Band! Over 9 feet of paracord with built-in whistle

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You will receive (1) Ranger Cord Wrist Band in Black with Built In Whistle! About Ranger Cord with Built In Whistle: This military paracord survival bracelet is hand woven from military spec, 300-pound paracord with a built in whistle located in the buckle. Each bracelet offers strong ABS side-release buckles and fits wrists up to 7-Inch in circumference. The bracelet can be unwound in survival situations to produce more than 9 feet of usable survival cord. It could be used for shelter building, splint building, spear lashing, building animal snares and many other tasks!

  • You will receive (1) Ranger Cord Wrist Band in Black
  • Over 9 feet of life saving Paracord!
  • Includes an emergency signal whistle built into the clasp.
  • Fits wrists up to 7" in circumference
  • Can be unwound in survival situations.