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Masahiro Japanese Sword White Katana Assembly Kit

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The Masahiro Japanese Sword White Katana Assembly Kit comes with a hand forged and hand sharpened high carbon steel blade featuring a blood groove. The saya (scabbard) has a bright white finish to it. The sageo is a quality cord of a black. The tsuka (handle) is wrapped with real ray skin and a quality cord wrapping done in black. The tsuka features the double peg for added security in holding the full tang carbon steel blade securely. This piece comes disassembled in gift box which includes the blade, the handle, 2 guards (one square design and one pinwhell design), the scabbard, and the blade collar. Also coming as part of the kit is a cleaning kit for blade upkeep and a sword bag to protect your sword when not on display. When assembled, this piece will measure 40 inches overall with a 27 inch blade and a 10.75 inch handle.

  • Hand Forged and Sharpened High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Comes Disassembled In Gift Box
  • Includes Blade, Handle, 2 Guards, Scabbard, Collar
  • Also Comes with Cleaning Kit and Sword Bag
  • Real Ray Skin Handle and Quality Cord Wrapping