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Kendo Armor-2.5mm Armor

Kendo Armor-2.5mm Armor

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2.5 MM Deluxe Kendo Armor


  • Kendo Armor Set
  • Set Includes: Helmet (men), body protector (do), gloves (kote), hip and groin protector (tare)
  • 2.5 mm stitching
  • Your order also includes a carrying case for all your Kendo armor
  • Sizes: Small-XXmasLarge

Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art of sword-fighting that is descended from the Samurai swordsmanship of feudal Japan. Kendo requires a bamboo shinai, which represents a katana, and armor. This set includes all the armor pieces you need for practicing the art of Kendo.  It includes a helmet (men), a body protector (do), gloves (kote), a groin protector (tare), and a convenient carrying bag for all your armor.

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