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ITO Katana Model 401 Handmade White Yin Samurai Sword

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  • $ 115.89

The most noticeable feature on this handmade katana is the high gloss white wooden saya (scabbard) accented with black sageo (cord). Inside the saya is a high polished carbon steel blade adorned by a thick hi (blood groove) and natural hamon line. The tsuba (guard) has been molded from a zinc mixture and pressed to display a Samurai wielding his katana. The tsuba has been painted with an antique coating that matches the fuchi (collar) and kashira (buttcap); the tsuka (handle) bears a gold plated dragon menuki (handle ornament) contrasting nicely with the antique hardware. Surrounding the tsuka is a black ito (braid) covering top quality same (ray skin), anchoring the full tang carbon steel blade are two menuki (wooden pegs) seen in the handle. Included with the katana is a sword bag, sword stand, and cloth covered display box. Measures 44 inches closed, 42 inches open with a 28 inch blade length and 18/64 blade thickness. Weighs 3lbs 3oz closed, and 2lbs 7oz open.

  • 42 inches overall
  • High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Ray Skin Handle
  • Sword Stand