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HWARANG Taekwondo Set

HWARANG Taekwondo Set

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HWARANG Taekwondo Set

This mixed set of both cloth and vinyl guards allows you to move more quickly and freely with little weight. Cloth forearm and shin-instep guards fit snugly with no slippage. The vinyl hand guards allow your wrists and fingers to move freely and provide excellent protection from hard impacts. The vinyl groin guard fits comfortably and your set comes with your choice of female or male guard.

Mouth Guard

  • Mouth Guard for your teeth
  • Comfortable fit

Cloth Forearm Guard & Cloth Shin Instep Guard

  • Train safely with 1/2" thick padding and extra protection on knuckles!
  • Keep your gear on while training, with a non-slip fit to keep gears from slipping off.
  • Feels comfortable as the gear conforms nicely to your arms and legs.
  • Stay clean and fresh with these machine-washable guards.
  • Fast and easy to wear with elastic cloth, simply slip on the gear.

WTF Style Gloves

  • Made of durable EVA material
  • Guards wrist, back of hand, knuckles and fingers
  • Comfortable as well as easy to wear and remove
  • Fast dry and moisture absorption

Vinyl Groin Protector

  • Train safer with a hard plastic inner shell to protect sensitive areas!
  • Feel secure and comfortable with an elastic waistband and support straps.
  • Keep this gear in your set with a durable and long-lasting vinyl cover.
  • Easy to wear and remove, just slip on like pants.
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