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Hapkido Uniform - White w/ Black Stitching

Hapkido Uniform - White w/ Black Stitching

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Hapkido Uniform
White w/ Black Stitching

  • Feature white color with black stitching
  • Elastic waist for easy fit
  • Made from medium poly cotton fabric for comfortable fit (55% cotton, 45% polyester)
  • White belt included

This medium weight Hapkido uniform includes jacket, pants, and belt. A polycotton blend material (55% Cotton-45% Polyester) allows for easy care. The white jacket features black stitching and pants feature an elastic waistband for an easy and comfortable fit.

Originating in Korea, the art of Hapkido is a form of self defense, employing joint locks and other punching, kicking, and striking techniques of other martial arts as well. The art uses both long and close range fighting techniques such as pressure points strikes and joint locks. It focuses on circular and non resisting movements and using leverage in controlling an opponent. Hapkido is closely related to the martial art of Jiu Jitsu.

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