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Hand Forged Roman Gladiator Sword

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From the blood-soaked gladiator arenas to the brutal carnage of the battlefields, "Gladiator" offered an un-flinching look at the honor and savagery required of Roman warriors. Equally un-flinching were the film's prop designers who paid homage to the era with weaponry crafted in beautifully authentic detail and design. The Sword of Maximus, an exact reproduction of the sword used by General Maximus in the film, showcases this attention to authenticity. Hand-polished high carbon steel brings battle-grade strength to the double-edged blade, specifically drawn and tapered to encourage severe and lethal wounds. The hilt runs a glorious gamut of textures, materials and tones: brass-adorned wooded guard and ball pommel bookend in striking off-tone contrast the milky elegance of the imitation ivory grip.

  • 42" Overall length with scabbard
  • 30" Blade length
  • Stainless Steel, Double Sided Blade
  • Scabbard: Leather + Wood
  • Included is a belted, leather-wrapped wooden scabbard brass- accented at throat and tip