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Halo Radio Control Mongoose with Master Chief Figure

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Halo Radio Control Mongoose w/ Master Chief Figure Halo Radio Control Mongoose w/ Master Chief Figure is based on Bungie's best selling Halo series. The radio controlled Mongoose is driven by Master Chief and can drive in all terrains. Why You'll Love It: The Mongoose features designs taken from the original CGI models. Age: 3 years and upFeaturesFeatures M274 ultra all-terrian vehicleFully functional with radio control Movable arms, legs and head From the Manufacturer Based on the hit video game. Bungie's best-selling Halo series explodes out of the video game console and into your hands with the Radio-Controlled Mongoose. This four-wheeled vehicle, driven  by Master Chief in the game, is ready for all terrains. Featuring a design taken from the original CGI models and a detailed  paint scheme, this is the perfect gift for any Halo fan.

  • Full Function Radio Control
  • M274 Ultra All-Terrain Vehicle
  • Action Figure Included
  • As seen in Halo REACH
  • Warthog and Hornet also available!