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Halo Infra-Red Control Flying Hornet

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The infra-red control flying Hornet Artic is an aerial craft used by the UNSC force in the hit game "Halo 3''. The licensed replica Hornet features a 2 channel control, allowing you to fly left, right, up and down. Requires 6AA batteries.Not included. Ages 8+ From the Manufacturer Based on the hit video game. Master Cheif take to the skies in his battle against the Covenant in the best-selling Halo video game series, and now you can join him with the Infrared-Control Flying Hornet! This amazing flying vehicle is based on the original CGI models used by Bungie Software in creating the game.

  • Light-weight, palm sized Infrared Control Indoor Flying Hornet
  • Twin rotors for stability
  • Crash resistant Hornet Body
  • Rechargeable Remote
  • Easy to fly