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Full Size 39" Roman Battle Ready Maximus Gladiator Gladius Sword New

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Up for sale is a brand new reproduction of the gladius sword used by Maximus in the begininning of the featured movie Gladiator when Maximus led his army attacking the barbarians. The sword is almost an exact copy of the sword used in the movie. The sword is finely detailed with a polished wooden pommel and a guard. The sword features a stainless steel blade measured at 29.75”. The edge of the blade is unsharpened. The handle is made by imitation ivory with golden medallion in the middle of the grip. The handle is measured at 7”. The scabbard is wooden with a brown leather cover and begins with a golden scabbard throat. The drag of the sheath features a traditional ball point design. The three carrying straps are leather with a steel hooked fastener. The carrying rings attaching the leather straps to the scabbard are solid with laurel leaves and a lion head worked into the steel. The sword features a wood guard with steel fitting securing the blade to the handle. On the guard are three highly detailed golden leaves. On the rim of the fitting prints SPQR, which means Rome in Latin

  • Full Size 39" Roman Battle Ready Maximus Gladiator Gladius Sword New
  • Stainless Steel Mirror Polished Blade Slightly Sharpened
  • 30" Blade
  • Leather/Wood Sheath
  • Leather Shoulder Strap