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Double Weave Judo Gi - White

Double Weave Judo Gi - White

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Double Weave Judo GI

  • Double Weave Judo Gi
  • 24 oz (Heavy Weight)
  • Jacket features reinforced shoulders
  • Firmer lapel than singe weave judo
  • Pants feature traditional drawstring waist for comfort and easy adjustment
  • Pants feature padding from knee to ankle
  • Pants feature taped ankles
  • Pants feature side vents
  • 100% Cotton
  • *Your order includes Jacket & Pants

This white Double Weave Judo Gi is heavyweight and extremely durable. Made with reinforced stitching, the judo jacket features reinforced shoulders and a much firmer, stronger lapel than single weave jackets. The pants feature a traditional drawstring waist for a comfortable fit and easy adjustment. They also feature padding from knee to ankle and side vents. The 24 oz heavyweight double weave gi is perfect for advanced practitioners of Judo and is durable enough for the most intense training and competition.

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