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Deluxe Vinyl Shin Instep Guard -Detachable

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Deluxe Vinyl Shin Instep Guard -Detachable

These Vinyl Shin Instep Guards feature a 1.2" thick protective foam to help prevent injury. The guards feature a vinyl covering that give them a long lasting durability.

These innovative  shin instep guards feature the convenience of a detachable step. You can choose between a shin guard or shin instep guards.

They feature 2 1.5" wide elastic straps with hook-and-loop closures that give your guards a snug, comfortable, and safe fit without restricting movement.

  • Detachable Shin Instep protector.
  • Absorbs and disperses impact with dense foam padding.
  • Comfortable and contoured wrap around fit!
  • Non-slip and secure double velcro straps.
  • Prevents injury by absorbing shock!
  • *Sold in pairs.


Sparring Gear
Sparring Shin Guard
Knee to Ankle
Child Small 9.5 inches
Child Large 10 inches
Adult Small 11 inches
Adult Medium 11.5 inches
Adult Large 12 inches
Adult X-Large 13 inches
Tips and Suggestions

Shinguards are designed to cover from your anklebone to your kneecap. Measure the distance approximately one inch from the bottom of the knee, to about one inch above the ankle bone. The shinguards should not rub against the kneecap when moving.

You may also look at your uniform size for an approximation:
0000-000 : Child Small
00-0 :Child Large
1-2 : Small
3-4 : Medium
4-5 : Large
5-6 : X-Large