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Mooto High Poom Taekwondo Uniform

Mooto High Poom Taekwondo Uniform

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Mooto High Poom Taekwondo  Uniform
  • Ribbed for durability.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Stand out from competitors and teammates.
  • Elastic Waistband.
  • Drawstring waist for easy adjustment
  • Spacious room at the shoulders and chest for wider movement range.
  • Polycotton material, ultralight weight
  • Durable ribbed fabric creates a "snap" sound when executing a technique
  • Belt not included
  • Size: 0000~6
  • Material: Polyester 45% Cotton 55% 

Quality uniform made of ribbed polycotton fabric. Comfortable and stylish, these uniforms have generously cut at the shoulders/chests, which means there's more room to move. Inner part of the uniform has a drawstring tie to keep the uniform in place while you're practicing. In addition to providing reinforcement, the ribbing helps to improve ventilation.

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