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Jutte (Taiwan) Sold Individually

Jutte (Taiwan) Sold Individually

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Jutte  (Made in Taiwan)

  • Measured out to 15 inches long
  • Silver color w/ red Tassels wrap around the handle
  • Imported From Taiwan
  • Chrome plated with Octagon stem or Round stem.
  • Stainless Steel
  • Forged from high-quality, super tough solid steel; mirror shine finish\


The Jutte, a similar look to a sai was used by the law enforcement during the Edo period in Japan. It was designed to catch and snap off an opponent's sword blade. Measured out to 15 inches long. Silver color with a wrapped handle attached with a red tassel.

Today, Jutte, like its predecessor, the sai, is blunted and rounded at the edges and is no longer used as a weapon for mortal combat. 

They are sold individually



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