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Complete Cloth Martial Arts Sparring Gear Set with Bag

Complete Cloth Martial Arts Sparring Gear Set with Bag

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Complete Cloth Martial Arts Sparring Gear Set with Bag

Purchase your sparring gear needs from us in top quality for a low price! You get 9 items including a free sparring gear bag and you will not find a better anywhere else! With this set, you get a dipped foam headgear of your choice in color and size, 1 pair of cloth shin instep guards, 1 pair of cloth fist forearm guards,1 mouthpiece, 1 mouth guard case, 1 large stars and stripes bag, 1 and chest guard.

Pine Tree Sang Moo Sa Head Gear with Mouth Guard and Case

  • Keep your head safe with padding around the head!
  • Keep your ears safe with air-release canals!
  • Comfortable training as the headgear fits snugly to your head.
  • Easy to see while sparring with open-face design.

Reversible Dotted Chest Guard

  • Safely protect your upper chest and abdomen with high-density foam!
  • Feels secure as you are practicing so you do not worry about it slipping off!
  • Soft comfortable vinyl padded cover to help sustain opponent strikes.
  • Fit to your chest size with a secure tie that can be adjusted to how tight you want.

Cloth Fist Forearm Guard & Cloth Shin Instep Guard

  • Train safely with 1/2" thick padding and extra protection on knuckles!
  • Keep your gear on while training, with a non-slip fit to keep gears from slipping off.
  • Feels comfortable as the gear conforms nicely to your arms and legs.
  • Stay clean and fresh with these machine-washable guards.
  • Fast and easy to wear with elastic cloth, simply slip on the gear.

Big Stars & Stripes Gear Bag

  • Fit all your gears in one bag, spacious 13" x 27" x 14"!
  • Convenient for your accessories with multiple zipper compartments.
  • Adjustable with your convenience in mind, featuring different carrying straps.
  • You can easily and quickly open to take-out gear with a double-zipper.
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