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Authentic Full Ninja Uniform Set

Authentic Full Ninja Uniform Set

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Genuine Ninja Uniform Set

  • Full Ninja uniform with Ninja Tabi boots
  • Includes: Jacket, pants, 1 pair of hand/forearm covers, 1 pair of Tabi socks, 1 pair of Tabi boots, and hood/mask combo!
  • Jacket features hidden "shuriken" pocket
  • Pants feature a double waist tie AND additional knee and ankle ties for a comfortable stealthy fit
  • Hand and forearm covers feature finger loops for a secure fit
  • Tabi socks feature a comfortable split-toe design for use with Tabi boots
  • Tabi boots feature a split-toe design, an easy-to-use velcro closure, and rubber bottoms for better grip and silent steps!
  • Hood and mask conceal your face comfortably and allows for easy breathing

This complete Ninja uniform is perfect for Halloween, productions, or aspiring ninjas. Your complete uniform includes: 1 jacket, 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of hand and forearm covers, 1 pair of split-toe Tabi socks, 1 pair of ninja Tabi boots, and 1 hood/mask combo! The comfortable jacket features a hidden "shuriken" pocket for holding small ninja accessories such as throwing stars or spikes. The pants features a double tie waist for a snug and comfortable fit. The pants also feature additional knee and ankle ties to keep your pants fitting as snug and comfortable as possible. The hand and forearm covers feature finger loops for a better fit and preventing movement. The hood and mask combo is designed to conceal your face comfortably without restricting your breathing. The Tabi socks feature a split-toe design that allow a more comfortable fit for the split-toe Tabi boots. The Tabi boots also feature rubber bottoms that promote a better grip and silent foot steps.

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