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Adidas Kicking Target Portable Double Mitt, Large

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Adidas Kicking Target Portable Double Mitt, Large

    • Martial arts training mitts
    • Targets help improve your high and low kicks
    • Help strengthen power, accuracy, and precision
    • Features a comfortable elastic wristband for the holder
    • Dense padded foam protected by durable vinyl
    • Comfortable for both student and trainer
    • Double Bladed - releases a "clapping" noise when struck with accuracy

The Adidas Double Mitt features dense padded foam under a durable vinyl covering that help cushion your feet from impact. The mitt features a comfortable elastic wristband that gives the holder better control over the target. An excellent training piece for working on the strength and precision of your high and low kicks, this mitt is double bladed, releasing a loud "clapping" noise with each accurate kick.