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Seven Fight Gear

Seven Give-N-Take

Seven Give-N-Take

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The Seven Give-N-Take is a premium coaching product that is a must-have in your gym and training program. Designed as coaching mitt/glove combo, this product is designed to receive repetitive strikes to the strike zone as a coaching mitt, but also features the added dimension of padding and protection over the hand and knuckles so you can strike back. It enables you to create a series of unique training combinations that will prepare athletes for fierce competition. Made of synthetic leather it features a curves strike zone and a handle on the inside for a secure hold. Dense molded foam over the hand and knuckles add comfort and protection. An adjustable hook/loop strap over the wrist provides a secure fit.

* Coaching mitt/glove combo
* Curved strike zone
* Handle on inside
* Dense molded foam
* Adjustable hook/loop strap over the wrist

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