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Seven Fight Gear

Seven Thai Style Boxing Glove

Seven Thai Style Boxing Glove

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Seven’s Thai Style Boxing Glove is an authentic Thai style glove that is made of 100% leather construction with an additional layer of foam for added protection during harsh impacts and tough training. Shorter cuffs make clench moves easy and safe, while the added padding in palm area protects your hand during strikes. Perfect for heavy bag workouts, sparring or free punches.
Thoroughly padded Muay Thai gloves from Seven Fight gear. These authentic Thai gloves have a shorter cuff than your standard Western boxing glove in order to give your hands more mobility for a variety of reasons. For one, you're able to control your opponent's head/neck in the Thai clinch. Another advantage comes when catching body kicks, allowing you to easily scoop and control the leg before firing back with your straight.
Multiple layers of foam padding help protect your hands and wrists from injury when hard-blocking body kicks and other heavy strikes. Added padding along the palm helps protect your fist during hard punches, extended heavy bag routines, or when your opponent just has a hard head. Overall, these area reliable pair of Thai gloves that just so happen to look awesome.

* Authentic Thai style
* 100% leather
* Additional layer of foam
* Shorter cuffs

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