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62 Inch Double Edged Naginata Japanese Yari Samurai Sword

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Broad Head Naginata The question is not do you want to buy this naginata, the question is can you handle it? This is 62" of carbon steel double-edged mayhem. It may be that this weapon was once used for cleaving opponents in half and dismounting armed men but is that really, that impressive. Attributes of the Weapon: The blade of the naginata is HQCS carbon steel, double sharpened on each side with an extended bloodline down the center. The sheath of the blade is wooden with a black finish and a dragon engraved on each side. The scabbard throat is a steel fitting painted golden with a cherry blossom cast on each side. The guard of the naginata is a circular design with another cherry blossom cast into the steel. The shaft of the naginata is black coated wood with three steel fittings along its length. The shaft separates 1/4 of the way down allowing the naginata to become a sword. The naginata ends in a steel pommel making the naginata dangerous from either end.

  • 62 Inches
  • Cabron Steel Double Edged Blade
  • Wooden Sheath Engraved Dragons