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42" Blue Japanese Shogun Tachi Ceremonial Samurai Kanata Steel Sword

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The Tachi was a Japanese sword often said to be more curved and slightly longer than the katana. It was also often regarded as the early prototype of Katana. Tachi sword first came into popularity during the Heian Era (794 AD-1184 AD). The tachi was used primarily on horseback, where it was able to be drawn efficiently for cutting down enemy footsoldiers. On the ground it was still an effective weapon, but somewhat awkward to use. The Tachi continued to forged well into the feudal era and coexisted with the Katana. In later Japanese feudal history, during the Sengoku and Edo periods, certain high-ranking warriors of what became the ruling class would wear their sword tachi-style (edge-downward), rather than with the saya (scabbard) thrust through the belt with the edge upward. This is a Blue Samurai Tachi Sword. The blade of the sword has been constructed from 440 Stainless Steel. A hamon has been added to the cutting edge of the blade. The blade comes slightly sharpened. The guard begins with a golden blade collar. On the guard is a golden swirling Japanese dragon. The Fuchi is golden steel with a dragon wrapping around the fitting. The Handle has been covered with a red a black cord wrap. The pommel of the handle is golden with a another dragon. The scabbard of the sword is wooden with a blue gloss finish. The Tokugawa crest decorates the length of the scabbard. The traditional Tachi suspension cord has been added to the scabbard with leather straps and brown cord.

  • 42" Blue Japanese Shogun Tachi Ceremonial Samurai Kanata Steel Sword
  • 440 Stainless Steel Blade, Unsharpened
  • 28" blade
  • Traditional Tachi Design
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