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40" Medieval Steel Robin Hood Knight Arming Sword &Scab

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The stories of Robin Hood have been going strong for over 600 years and continue to grow. And his legend has been ever changing. Robin Hood has been an outlaw, a yeoman, a knight, a crusader, and an earl. He's been a courteous robber, a brigand and brawler, a medieval revolutionary and the servant of a Pagan god -- even a woman and sometimes a bear in man's clothing. He is one of the most portrayed medieval time characters, and appeared in numerous movies, cartoons, and novels. This is a medieval arming sword inspired by Robin Hood. This sword is measured at 40” long, the 33” stainless steel constructed blade is mirror polished, and has a ridge running down the center. The guard of the sword is in gold color, each arm of the guard is ornately decorated with scroll works. The crest of Robin Hood is built in the center of the guard. The handle of the sword is wire wrapped. At the end of the handle is a pommel decorated with a sun burst and red crusader cross. Comes with the sword is a wooden scabbard wrapped by imitation leather. The drag of the scabbard is decorated with the crest of Robin of Locksley.

  • Overall Length 40.25"
  • Blade Length 32.75"
  • 440 Stainless Steel
  • Scabbard Material:Leather, Ornate Steel, and Wood