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4 pc Traditional Black Samurai Style Sword Set with dragon design

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Samurai Katana style sword set. Designed with pommel, guard, blade collar, blade, and scabbard throat, all made of carbon steel. The hilt is specially encased with a traditional Black nylon wrap and the top of the scabbard is wrapped with Black nylon which matches the hilt wrap. The rack stand is included. On each sword the handles are bound in the traditional way with a dragon embossed on the end caps, the blades is made from carbon steel with the temper line along the edge of the blades. The end caps For these Swords are in the form of a dragon embossed on them. Overall length: 40" , 31 " , 21 "

  • 3 Samurai swords set
  • Katana, Waki, and Tanto
  • Dragon Samurai Sword