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15" Gumball Machine

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  • $ 30.66

The Gumball Machine combines a 7.5" cast metal base with a 7.5" clear glass globe for an impressive 15" overall height. The solidly cast metal base gives it a substantial feel and stability.The internally threaded metal bottom plate can be mounted on top of other cast metal floor stands, GM0016 or GM0017 (sold separately). The dispensing mechanism is adjustable to vary the amount of candies dispensed and an anti- spill cover keeps those precious candies in the tray. Classy Red Finish. Gum balls not included.

  • Real glass gumball machine globe
  • Cast metal gumball machine base, lid, and coin mechanism
  • Accepts any coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies)
  • Includes instructions for "free spin” to work without coins
  • Works as a gumball bank - retrieve coins when full