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GFY Gear Mma Training Gloves

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GFY Gear was founded on two basic principals- quality products at reasonable price. After training for many years, they were tired of spending large amounts of money on products that did not last. They started became dedicated to construct and manufacture the best products without breaking the bank. Give their product a try because they strongly believe they accomplished their mission.

GFY MMA Training Gloves are perfect for all MMA practitioners. Gloves are multi-functional open palm that allows you to grapple/strike at full output with less likelihood of injuring training partners. Due to the multi layer system, the gloves provide the equivalent shock disbursement of a 16 oz boxing gloves. Highly recommended for MMA training.

* Multi-functional open palm with thumb slot
* Grapple/strike at full output
* Less likelihood of injuring training partners
* Multi layer system
* Equivalent shock disbursement of a 16 oz boxing gloves
* Highly recommended for MMA training.