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Shock Doctor Gel Nano Mouthguard

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The most innovative mouth guard ever created. Exceptional mouth and teeth protection for all your sporting activities: martial arts, MMA, sparring, training, and more! The GEL-FIT liner custom molds to teeth for a tight, yet comfortable fit. The monocoque shock frame armors the brain against concussive impacts and protects the jaw against injury caused by side impacts. Features high-performance compact size, lateral jaw stabilizers, compression fit system, M.O.R.A. performance enhancement, Shock Transfer Core and air-cushioned shock pads.

* Gel liner
* Protects from side impacts
* Protects against concussions
* Monocoque frame
* Compact size
* Lateral jaw stabilizers
* Compression fit system
* M.O.R.A. performance
* Shock Transfer Core
* Air-cushioned shock pads