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Samurai Sword Handmade 1060 Steel Antiqued Pine Katana

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  • $ 85.80

This is a brand new full tang hand made 1060 high carbon steel constructed Katana. The blade is thoroughly hand hammered and has a consistent hardness across. This Katana is themed with pine forest with a bronze antique finish on Tsuba, fuchi, and kashira. The tsuka is constructed from handwood, wrapped with hardened genuine ray skin and black cotton cord. The 1060 high carbon steel blade is fully hand sharpened and extends into the tsuka and secured by two menuki bamboo rods. Comes with the katana is a high gloss finished saya, and a black cotton made sword bag.

  • 1060 High Carbon Steel Hand Forged Katana
  • Full tang construction, razor sharp
  • Antiqued Pine Forest Theme
  • Bronze finished Tsuba
  • Hardened Ray Skin Tsuka