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Macho Warrior Sparring Gear Set

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Macho Warrior Sparring Gear Set

Purchase your sparring gear needs from us in top quality for a low price! You get 6 items With this set! You will receive: a dipped foam head gear of your choice in color and size, 1 pair of matching padded hand guards, 1 pair of matching padded foot guards, and 1 mouth piece!

Macho Warrior Head Gear

  • Added ear protection from ear-release canals
  • Open face for maximum peripheral vision
  • Double-layer at the contact points provides more shock absorption for back of head and ears
  • Pressure release holes on top

Macho Warrior Punch

  • Features impact dispersing dipping foam
  • Padded overlays give your hands extra protection without restricting movement
  • A special finger grip design allows you more open and closed hand techniques
  • Features a vinyl strap across your palm, making for a tighter grip

Macho Warrior Kick

  • Safe and snug fit during sparring provided by criss-cross strapping design and vinyl straps beneath your foot
  • Protect your feet with a double layer of high impact dispersing foam
  • Reinforcement at stress points give your guards long-lasting durability
  • Easy adjusting and comfort provided by a laceless design
  • Extra protection provided by padded overlays strategically placed over areas of the foot that experience the most impact
  • Designed for comfort, protection, and durability with a clean sleek look