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Fury Martial Arts FP03381 Tekagi-Shuko "Hand Tiger" Climbing Claws, Midnight Black

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Although many variations of this particular Ninja item existed, the Fury Tekagi-shuko or Hand Tiger has been recreated based on an original design consisting of a metal band conjoined by a strap fitting around the palm and another around the wrist. The upper band features four spike/claws-that protrude from the strap. The Tekagi-shuko is useful for both offensive and utilitarian purposes, as well as in defensive techniques (disarming and such). The use of this weapon is still taught by traditional martial arts schools. As always be careful and check for the Fury UPC and the Made in Taiwan certification on your package before use in order to insure that you are using a genuine product.

  • Traditional Ninja Climbing Tool designed to be worn on Hands for Climbing and Scaling
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Midnight Black Finish
  • Designed with an Adjustable Wrist Strap that will Fit Almost Everyone
  • Manufactured by Fury in Taiwan check for the Made in Taiwan label for a genuine product
  • Quality Construction Made in Taiwan Do Not be Fooled by the Copies