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Ace Martial Arts Supply Dragon Slayer Japanese Samurai Naginata Yari Sword, 63-Inch

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  • $ 43.95

This is a 63" fully sharpened Naginata featuring a 22" blade. The shaft of the nagainata is hardwood with a black finish. Along the length of the shaft are three steel fittings. The first of these fittings is at the end of the naginata and acts as the pommel of the weapon. The second fitting is in the upper quarter of the shaft and from here the shaft can unscrew to become a sword. The last fitting is at the very top of the shaft and secures the guard of the weapon. Each of the fittings features a cherry blossom cast into the steel; the symbol of the samurai's life. This naginata comes with a hard wood constructed scabbard for the blade, and on each side of the scabbard is a beautiful three claw Japanese dragon carved into the wood.

  • 440 stainless steel with strong, very sharp blade plus 2 throwing knife
  • Perfect weight, not too light but not too heavy, very handy to chop or slash object, like fruit, Paper box, etc
  • Attach to belt or Use strap on shoulder/flexible way of carrying