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49" Medieval 10th Century King Solomon Sword Red Handle

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This is a King Solomon Sword.The sword includes a Wooden Plaque and black plastic tip case.Attributes of the Weapon:Blade: The blade of the sword is polished stainless steel with a dulled edge and sharp point. A long ricasso runs up from the base of the blade, painted on the ricasso is complex scroll work of leaves and vines. Guard: A long languet runs down the ricasso with a detailed pattern. The ends of the quillons are Persian Sphinxes wearing a kippah on their heads. In the middle of the cross guard is the Star of David underneath a Menorah. The guard and pommel are golden.Handle: The handle is ringed with imitation ivory framing a red leather grip. The pommel of the sword is solid steel with a large Star of David.

  • 49" Full Size Two Hand Medieval Sword for Solomon King
  • Gold Color Finished Guard, Handle, and Pommel
  • 440 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Beautiful and careful detail of artisty work on guard, blade, handle, and pommel
  • Comes with Hardwood Wall Mountable Plaque