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43" Steel Rapier German Fencing Sword w Swept Hilt Guard

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Up for sale is a brand new full size Renaissance Musketeer Rapier fencing sword. The rapier began to develop around 1500 as the Spanish espada ropera, or "dress sword”. Throughout the 16th century, a variety of new, single-handed civilian weapons were being developed, including the German Rappier, a cut-and-thrust weapon used for sportive fencing, as described in Joachim Meyer's Fechtbuch of 1570. 1570 is also the year in which the Italian swordmaster Signior Rocco Benetti first settled in England advocating the use of the rapier for thrusting as opposed to cutting or slashing when engaged in a duel. Nevertheless, the English word "rapier" generally refers to a primarily thrusting weapon, developed by the year 1600 as a result of the geometrical theories of such masters as Camillo Agrippa and Ridolfo Capoferro. The rapier became extremely fashionable throughout Europe with the wealthier classes, but was not without its detractors. Some people, such as George Silver, disapproved of its technical potential and the duelling use to which it was put. A rapier in generally consists of two parts, a complex and sweeping hilts designed to protect the hand wielding the weapon, and a long, thin blade that can be divided in to several parts. This is a reproduction of a 17th Century German Swept Hilt fencing rapier. It features a 36.5” stainless steel constructed and mirror polished blade. The blade can be broken down to a ricasso that extends into the hilt, a forte, and a debole. The handle is wrapped by steel wire to give the sword a firm yet comfortable grip. The handle ends with a solid polished steel made pommel. The intricately built guard is in a swept hilt design with a triple bar loop and a square fore-guard. The quillon is a straight cross bar design with the knuckle bow attached just bellow it. This entire rapier is measured at 43.5”, and comes with a wood constructed scabbard.

  • 43" Steel Rapier German Fencing Sword w Swept Hilt Guard
  • Steel Wired Handle
  • 440 Stainless Mirror Polished Blade
  • Engineered Wood Scabbard
  • UPS 5 Day Ground Shipping